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David Sylvian and Japan

As far as unpredictable career tracks in the music world go, David Sylvian’s journey is perhaps only rivaled by that of another former pop idol turned avant-garde darling: Scott Walker.

Both started their careers more popular with teenage girls than with critics only to embrace their muses, turn their backs on the pop charts, and spend the rest of their lives on a personal quest to make music that satisfies themselves first and audiences second (if at all).

The Designers Republic created Aphex Twin’s vinyl boxset for his upcoming album “Syro”. The boxset is made in perspex with a white gravure and the disk is grey with texture’s effects. This album will be released in 200 editions, on 22nd September at Warp Records. A minimalist design to discover in images.

What if making music needed no written notes? No treble or bass clefs. No black and white keys. No series of esoteric symbols you needed to learn to just let it go and jam, man.

If we’re talking about vinyl in 2014, we have to talk about Jack White. In April, rock‘n’roll’s self-appointed analog evangelist celebrated Record Store Day by teaming up with United Record Pressing in Nashville to put out the “World’s Fastest Released Record.”


Interview: Matthew Herbert

Matthew Herbert is one of Britain’s most talented and independently minded music producers. Born in 1972, he first began releasing music in 1995 as Herbert, the House focused moniker he’s better known under for a profusion of club anthems and celebrated remixes.

Watch: [BRDG019] HiDM2_9

This is what the ‪‎electromagnetic‬ field surrounding you sounds like.